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Bad Credit Mortgage Advice

Are you facing a bad credit mortgage history? Are you unsure about whether you are still eligible to apply for a mortgage? The mortgage world can be complicated, and your bad credit history may become a much bigger battlefield if you face a bad credit mortgage history, but don’t worry. Care Financial Services has you covered. 

There are some common misunderstandings in the property world that if you face a poor credit history, lenders will not grant you a suitable mortgage deal. However, that isn’t the case. Yes, bad credit history may limit your mortgage options, and it may be challenging to buy your property. However, a handful of bad credit mortgage options are available, including specialist lenders who show much more leniency with their mortgage criteria for poor credit clients. 

We at Care Financial Services understand that mainly everyone faces a financial crisis at least once in their life; hence we try to facilitate our bad credit clients with every kind of support they need, from specialists lenders to reviewing your credit report to finding you the perfect mortgage deal we have it all under one roof. We believe in never giving up, so don’t let your poor credit situation stop you from getting the mortgage you’ve always wanted. 

In today’s new era, lenders are more willing to study bad credit cases on an individual level giving their clients an equal opportunity to obtain a mortgage. So contact us today and allow us to fix you up a free mortgage advice consultation, and let’s make those mortgage dreams come to life over a cup of tea.

NOTE: We work, as introducer, with a number of reputed, well established mortgage brokers to offer mortgage services at the best possible rates who will assist you in finding the ideal home and securing the right mortgage by utilizing their in-depth expertise in estate agency mortgage services.

More About Bad Credit Mortgage

We know that there are only a handful of lenders who specialise in such cases. That’s why we make it our responsibility to study each case individually and find you the perfect fit for your mortgage journey. We have briefly listed down some details of what are the causes of your Bad Credit Score and how you can improve it.

What Causes a Bad Credit Score?

With a bad credit score, it may be challenging to find a mortgage, but what is more worrying is that many people don’t know how they got a bad credit score in the first place. 

Several factors may cause your credit score to fall, including bankruptcy, CCJs (county court judgments), late payments or payment defaults, high usage of credit facilities, etc. 

The lender judges how much you struggle with managing your finances by the activities of your credit history or any factor that brings the lender to a dead-end on checking your identity and past credit activities. 

Below we have presented some vastly popular credit scenarios that may cause your credit history to fall: 

  • If you have not been able to pay any past credit card bills or you are in debt with a personal loan.
  • If you are facing bankruptcy or have been put on a ‘debt management plan.’ 
  • If you have faced default payments, CCJs, or IVAs (individual voluntary agreements) 

For further advice on how you can boost your bad credit score, contact us today at Care Financial Services and book your free mortgage advice appointment.

A Few Things You Should Keep in Mind!

If you are considering applying for a poor credit mortgage, then there are a few points to keep in mind: 

  • If you take out a mortgage with a bad credit history, then the interest rates may be higher than a standard mortgage deal. 
  • You may not qualify for government schemes such as shared ownership or help-to-buy if you have a bad credit history. 
  • You may need to arrange a larger deposit for a bad credit mortgage.
  • You may not qualify for a bad credit mortgage if you have been bankrupt in the last six years.

How Can Your Credit Rating Be Improved?

If the information above has demotivated you to apply for a mortgage, then let us provide you with some pointers and tricks on how to fix your bad credit history: 

  • Pay your bills on time.
  • Try to repay any debt you own, and don’t fall back on your debt payment in the future. 
  • Try to use low limits on your credit card.
  • Take a loan out on a guarantor. 
  • Get yourself on the electoral roll.

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How Can Care Financial Services Help?

At Care Financial Services, we understand that applying for a mortgage with a bad credit history may seem like a war zone where every factor is against you, but we try our best to make the process as clear and straightforward as possible. 

We have studied the bad credit section of the market, and we have customised our services to help those with poor credit ratings. This approach helps us get the kind of support and advice you need to get your desired results.  So instead of searching online for ‘can I get a bad credit mortgage,’ contact us and let us take care of all your problems. Book your free mortgage advice appointment today and get the mortgage you always dreamed of. 

First Time Mortgage - Eligibility


You should be at least 18 years at the time of the mortgage.


You need at least 5 to 10% of the property value depending on the situation

Credit Score

You should have the bank specified credit score.

Frequently Ask Questions

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Some people think that bad credit is a name given to someone who has been rejected for any credit in the past. When in reality, someone with bad credit is a person who has not been making their payments on time or who has faced any financial issues in the past, such as bankruptcy, late payments, or CCJs. If you are facing a poor credit situation, it is essential to remember that different lenders have different lending criteria; some may show more tolerance than others. Hence there is no fixed rule on what lenders may consider bad credit. Nevertheless, a few activities may come up on your credit report as high risk for most lenders, such as loan default, late or missing credit card payments, and frequently applying for credit. If you doubt that you may have a bad credit score, sign up for your free mortgage advice consultation at Care Financial Services, from which you can get a rough idea of your credit score and how lenders will judge you.

A bad credit mortgage is very identical to any regular mortgage. The only difference you may find is that bad credit mortgages may come with higher interest rates, and you may be limited on your borrowing power. If you are applying for a bad credit mortgage, then it is essential to remember that you may need a larger deposit of at least 20-25% of the property value, unlike a standard mortgage where you only need a minimum of 5-10% deposit. The main reason for this is that bad credit client pose a higher risk for lenders. 

We make sure we can facilitate our customers in every way possible, especially those clients who struggle with a poor credit score. We ensure our bad credit deals are available to as many clients as possible with various rates, deals, and lenders that suit each customer individually. However, we do have eligibility criteria to make sure that our mortgage deals are correct for you. 

Below are the standards you must fulfill to be able to apply for a bad credit mortgage:

  • Age: 

You must be aged 18-70 years and you must repay your mortgage loan by your 70th birthday. 

  • Employment status: 

You must secure employment status for a bad credit loan, either employed or self-employed. In the case of self-employment, we require some further details of the business performance, both current and from the past. 

  • Homeowner or tenant? 

You must own your own home and are not a tenant to apply for a bad credit mortgage. Please note that we do not hold your property as security in such mortgage types, but you must live in your own home. 

Below we have listed the criteria for the application for a bad credit mortgage: 

  • Address:

We will require your current address and address history from the past three years.

  • Bank details: 

We will also require a few bank details. Firstly, your online banking login details, along with your bank account number and sort code; this will give us access to your transaction records and authorize us to analyse whether or not you have the money for the monthly mortgage instalments. 

When you apply for a mortgage, it is always a good idea to have a look at your credit score, as lenders usually analyse your situation mainly on your credit history/score. Lenders establish their judgments on your credit report and look for candidates that can pay their monthly payments on time and can systematically manage their debts. If you want to increase your credit score, simple activities such as managing credit cards, mobile contracts, and household bills on time can go a long way. However, it is essential to remember that different lenders have multiple criteria on which they may judge not all lenders are the same. Contact Care Financial Services to book your free mortgage advice session so that we can give you some advice and direction to increase your credit score. 

Yes, you can pay off your bad credit loan early, but you will need to notify our management team at Care Financial Services so that we can help you with all the necessary details. 

Reference agencies are available for the compilation of credit reports. These agencies, based on your financial information, will compile your score, which may vary according to the agency you choose. The credit report can be used as the basis of your credit rating as lenders have different criteria when studying your mortgage application. Most lenders give more importance to specific details than an estimated score by any agency. To find out more about your credit report, contact us today to set up a complimentary appointment with our expert mortgage advisors. 

Finding out your credit score can look like a daunting task, but if you are considering applying for a bad credit mortgage, then it is always good to know where you stand and what efforts you must make to achieve your mortgage before you apply. Credit scores are not as bad as one might think; many factors are considered when calculating a credit score. Finding out your credit score is very easy if you are using a referencing agency. These agencies have score-checking systems that give you a unique score based on your financial statistics.


The content on this page is based on our understanding and knowledge at the time of publication. It may be subject to change and may not be applicable to your circumstances, so should not be relied upon. Please contact us if you require further information about the content included on this page.

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