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Will Writing Services

A will is significant, even if you don’t possess real estate. At Care Financial Services, our competent and professional will-writing solitaires are at your disposal for your will-writing process. 

A well-written will ensures that your assets are divided accordingly to your wishes after you die. Having a will also makes it less problematic for your dependents to manage your preliminary affairs more systematically. You must fulfill several provisions to make your will legal, one of which is having an expert writer; who will ensure all the requirements are met to make your will legal. 

If your will is not properly constructed, there could be a chance that your assets are not distributed to the person you intended, which can lead to family conflicts. To prevent your assets from becoming intestate, you must communicate your intended desires for your assets through an estate plan. 

A well-written will can eradicate any pain your family may have to face and give you the satisfaction that whatever the future may hold, they will be in good hands. 

More About Wills

Writing a will or modifying the existing will can be challenging but dont worry we are here to assist you with whatever situation you may have . 

What if I Don't Leave a Will Behind?

As discussed above, having a will before your death is crucial. If you perish without constructing a will, then: 

  • You may be at risk of your property being assigned to the government due to the inheritance tax
  • People who you intended to give the right of your property may not get it 
  • If you are unmarried or in a relationship, your partner may not get to inherit, leading to no childcare if any children are involved.
  • It can be difficult for your family to handle your obligations after death. 

Making Changes to An Existing Will

There are many reasons why a will may need to be modified to your will. For example, if you have children or marry for a second time, you may need to change your will. Usually, you can use Postscript to make some insignificant modifications. However, if you need to make larger changes, it’s a useful idea to make a new will.

If you are unsure about the procedure, don’t hesitate to contact us at Care Financial Services- our team of specialists will go through each component with you and examine the changes you want to make along with rewriting your will for you in the best format. 

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How Can Care Financial Services Help

If you are hoping to get your will written, rewritten, or want to discuss any particulars associated with your will, Care Financial Services can assist you. Our team of qualified will-writing solicitors can talk over everything and support you through each step of your estate planning process.

We can not only set up a detailed consultation with you, but we can also show you routes to limit the inheritance tax that your dependents may have to pay. Other than this, we can also play the role of the administrator and executor of your acquisitions. So visit or call us today so we can secure your future in all the right ways. 

Frequently Ask Questions

If you have a question that deals with clients, customers or the public in general, there is bound to be a need for the FAQ page.


Have you seen Heir Hunters before? It revolves around what happens to a person’s riches if they don’t make a will. The court will now have control, and the government will determine how to share your riches. It might goes in the hands of distant relatives you’ve never heard of or met, or it might return to the Crown and the government’s coffers.

Unfortunately, there is no “Common Law Husband and Wife” in the UK. In legal terms, unmarried couples are not considered to be one. The remaining partner will not automatically inherit anything if one partner passes away without leaving a Will unless they jointly held property. You must create the appropriate Wills as an unmarried couple so your surviving partners can inherit from you.

Not just the elderly need wills. Your fortune will be returned to your parents if you don’t make a will and don’t have a partner or children. While most people might find this to their taste, there are some unfortunate situations when you might not. Let’s take the hypothetical scenario of being raised by parents who were not close. You can disagree that wealth should always be distributed evenly between two parents. Your fortune may finally be allocated to the Crown or Treasury under intestacy laws if no one can be located. Or, if things were better, you might choose to leave some of your estate to friends or charitable organisations. You can do this if a proper Will has been created.

No. You can leave a trust fund in place of leaving your recipient a lump amount if you like. Trust funds are frequently given to minors, but you can leave one under various conditions. When a beneficiary reaches a specified age, a trust fund may pay out or continue to pay out an allowance until the money is exhausted. If you want, you can ask for a variety of conditions. Maybe you want to spend the funds for college or the down payment on your first house. Since it’s your money, you can choose the conditions in which it will be distributed.

One of the duties of the executors is to calculate tax returns, tax relief, permitted deductions, and the accurate amount of inheritance tax that must be paid. We are available to assist you with completing the Grant of Representation and to make the procedure simpler for you because the numerous forms can be extremely challenging. Despite the fact that we are not accountants, we can help you arrange for inheritance tax in several ways. Once you are done with the Grant of Probate, we can also help with the estate sale.


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